Break Free from the Confusion with Past Life Regression

Join Our LIVE Webinar to Discover Clarity and Direction for a More Fulfilling Life

02nd January 2024

07.00 PM - 08.00 PM IST

✅ Gain profound insights into your past lives.

✅ Unlock the mysteries of your life’s purpose.

✅ Find answers to unresolved questions and challenges.

✅ Experience personal growth and self-discovery.

✅ Connect with a like-minded community on a spiritual journey.

Who is this Workshop for?

Seeking Purpose

Uncover life’s purpose through profound insights and self-discovery techniques.

Spiritual Explorers

For those interested in spiritual growth and uncovering hidden life meanings.

Curious Souls

Explore past lives, find answers, and connect with a supportive community.

Join This Workshop, Where Your Answer Is YES!

✅ Are you seeking clarity and purpose in your life?

✅ Do you wish to uncover insights into your past lives?

✅ Would you like answers to unresolved questions and challenges?

✅ Are you committed to personal growth and self-discovery?

✅ Do you want to connect with a community on a spiritual journey?

Enroll Now and Embark on a Transformative Journey Within!

What will you learn in this Workshop?

Why past life regression is essential for personal growth

The purpose of the soul’s journey on Earth

What happens after death

How can past life healing transform your present

Real-life examples and their analysis

Engage in a live Q&A session to address your queries

👤 Meet Your Trainer

Dr. Shiva Swati

Dr. Shiva Swati, RMP (A.M) Cht.,

Dr. Shiva Swati, a seasoned Soul Healer, Emotional Management Guru, and Past Life Regression Therapist with 17 years of experience. Specializing in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, she integrates various approaches, ensuring high interpretation value in her sessions. As a clairvoyant and psychic reader, Dr. Swati provides in-depth insights into psychological and behavioral issues.

Her dynamic healing involves tailored strategies for soul empowerment, inner peace, and meditative awareness. With a holistic approach encompassing psychoanalysis, past life therapy, and more, her positive healing techniques boast a remarkable success rate of ninety-nine percent. Embrace transformative sessions with a compassionate guide towards wellness and clarity.

Limited spaces available. Join us for an evening of self-discovery and transformation

Frequently Asked Questions!

Absolutely! This workshop is designed for individuals at all levels of spiritual exploration.

The date of this webinar mentioned in the top of the page.

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Yes, you will receive recordings.


No refund for this workshop. For more details, please write an email to info.ekagratapathshala@gmail.com.

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